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18.11. Mastering Renewable & Alternative Energies
Seminar Asia: Singapore, Singapore   more info

19.11. PowerGen International
Conf & Exhib North-America: New Orleans, USA   more info

20.11. Planung Trafostationen
Seminar Europe: Essen, Germany   more info

26.11. WindEurope Offshore 2019
Conf & Exhib Europe: Kopenhagen, Denmark   more info

27.11. 9. Münchener Forum Verbindungstechnologie
Conf & Exhib Europe: Unterhaching / Near Munich, Germany   more info

28.11. Blitz- und Überspannungsschutz für Windenergieanlagen
Seminar Europe: Neumarkt i.d.Opf., Germany   more info

05.12. The Scottish Green Energy Awards 2019
Other Europe: Edinburgh, Great Britain, UK   more info

12.12. Wind Turbine Blade Service & Maintenance 2019
Conference Europe: Düsseldorf, Germany   more info

12.12. Schallimmissionsschutzrecht kompakt
Seminar Europe: Berlin, Germany   more info

15.01. EERA Deep Wind 2020
Conference Europe: Trondheim, Norway   more info

20.01. Energiegipfel 2020
Conf & Exhib Europe: Berlin, Germany   more info

22.01. Leipziger Windrechtsforum – Probleme erkennen. Zukunft gestalten.
Seminar Europe: Leipzig, Germany   more info

23.01. 8th Asia Offshore Wind Day
Conference Asia: Tokyo, Japan   more info

29.01. CanWEA Operations and Maintenance Summit 2020
Summit North-America: Toronto, Canada   more info

29.01. National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition
Conf & Exhib Europe: Dublin, Ireland   more info

29.01. National Sustainability Summit
Summit Europe: Dublin, Ireland   more info

11.02. Subsea Expo 2019
Conf & Exhib Europe: Aberdeen, Great Britain, UK   more info

11.02. E-world 2020
Conf & Exhib Europe: Essen, Germany   more info

12.02. Betriebsführung und Instandhaltung von Windparks
Seminar Europe: Berlin, Germany   more info

12.02. Future Energy Asia 2020
Conf & Exhib Asia: Bangkok, Thailand   more info

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10. Mar. 2020
Vietnam Wind Expo 2020
HANOI, Viet Nam

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